Personal Brand

The concept of my brand was to combine my love for design with an intimate element representing my personal life. 

A Challenge of Identity

Since childhood, I’ve struggled to identify with my heritage. As a second generational American, there was always a tension growing up between staying true to tradition or adopting new ones. I have no regrets about my upbringing, but felt something missing if I were to forge my brand without reference to my home.

Vietnamese 101

Vietnamese is a tonal language. The meaning of words can be distinguished by the specific tones in which they are pronounced and the marks used. When my name is fully written out with the proper diacritical marks, it looks like this:

Don't ask how to pronounce my middle name ?

Tones and Marks


This low, glottal tone is defined with a dot below the base vowel.


Tilde and Circumflex

Together they create a high and then falling pitch start, like a question in tone.

Experimenting with placement and slightly varying font weights was fun. In the end, I wanted to maintain the abstraction of the logomark -- not so much a vague representation of a mustached man, or a Japanese winking emoticon.