Extra Life


For the purpose of this school project, I had to develop print collateral, a flyer and a mailable brochure for a nonprofit organization to promote their mission.


Illustration, Print Design


Extra Life


I wanted to immerse myself in an organization that tied together my passion for video game culture and illustration. After meeting with different groups involved in the industry, I learned about a charity called Extra Life. This nonprofit organizes players across the country to partake in 24 hour long gaming marathons to raise money in support of the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.


I wanted to remain true to their branding guidelines (2013), matching fonts and color schemes. However, I approached the flyer differently, wanting to incorporate more of my own voice and energy, illustrating the my own characters to reflect the the children that would most benefit from this organization, as well as adding a touch of fun and related elements through the use of pixelated font, life bar, and a score meter reminiscent of older arcade games.